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Catching up…

August 3, 2011

Despite my best efforts, the wedding threw quite a wrench in my print subscription schedule. Thankfully, all my subscribers have been very understanding (thanks guys!) and I’m nearly caught up.


  Summer. It’s hot all day, and the only escape from the heat is at night. One of my favorite sights of summer nights are fireflies, which I have to admit, I don’t see too many of in Central Texas. In Kentucky, where I grew up, fireflies were everywhere at night. My favorite place to see them was Cherokee Park; at night the fields of the park were filled with hundreds fireflies.  They looked like a milky way of  hovering stars you could reach out and touch.

 ‘Summer Nights’ and ‘Sea Turtle’ drying in the studio

The other way to deal with summer in Central Texas, other than becoming nocturnal, is to spend as much time as possible submerged in water. This blissfully submerged sea turtle was inspired by all the sea turtles we saw snorkeling on our honeymoon. I had always thought of them as being lumbering, but underwater they are incredible graceful. Just looking at this shimmering aqua color makes me remember swimming in the cool water. This little guy I started back in May, before the wedding. Spring usually finds me spending time in the garden and rediscovering all the bugs and plants I’ve missed during the winter.


This is the the first of the two lower panels for the large landscape of Doma that makes up this year’s studio subscription. The panels are intended to be framed together to make a large landscape once all the panels are complete. The image is based on a photo I took during our hike along the Abraham Path in Palestine. Doma was a village so isolated that they still cooked with the traditional oven fueled by dried animal dung, because shipments of fuel to the village were sporadic and unreliable. In this print, you can see the village in the background and the trunk of an almond tree. The grassy field in the foreground contains the ruins of a 5th century church, the floor plan of which is barely visible through the grass.


 It seems you can’t have a picnic without a watermelon. If you eat it with salt, or without, or even grill it ( per this delicious Mark Bittman recipe) it seems the perfect light, refreshing fruit for this deep summer edition of print eats.

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  1. August 3, 2011 10:34 am

    Love! You’re an inspiration!

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