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The stars at night

March 19, 2013


The stars in Big Bend are magical. This photo was taken by Tyler Nordgren, an astronomer we heard speak while we were in the park last week. He’s started an initiative to preserve the night sky in National Parks from light pollution, called Dark Sky Parks and also educates park rangers and guides about the stars. Turns out Big Bend is the darkest National Park in the lower 48 and is the second officially designated Dark Sky Park. We had a great time camping and hiking there with my Dad and Stepmom. We also went to the McDonald Observatory where we got to see the moons of Jupiter moving in orbit and the stripes of the storms on Jupiter’s surface. Mind blowing and magical.


The South Rim, looking across into Mexico


Sotols in Big Bend

Now that we’re back,  I’m trying to catch up and am working on putting together some wood supports for my new bird relief prints:



Flights of fancy

March 15, 2013

Sometimes the best surprises happen when you have no preconceived ideas. A week or so ago I was meeting a WPA member for open studio and decided to go in early. I wanted to play around with a chipboard plate I’d laser cut at Makeatx way back in May. I lasered the chipboard with the same bird image from one of my favorite recent pieces, Flight over the Dead Sea. In the original the birds were a trace monotype, each draw by hand, which gave a really nice effect but was super time consuming. I wanted to be able to play around with the same imagery without having to hand draw them each time. First I tried wiping the plate intaglio, but the ink kept wiping out, almost like an open bite. So then I tried rolling it up relief:


I then realized I was out of paper, and routing around in my drawer I found some strips of paper that I’d saved after tearing them down for other prints. The long horizontal format seemed like a good fit for a strips of sky:gray_birds

The dark strip at the top is first pull, fully inked. For the second and third ones I didn’t re-ink the plate, just put down another piece of paper, the ghost and ghost’s ghost made a cool ombre effect. After gray I tried blue, orange and red:


I also found some etching scraps in my drawer that I’d been hoarding because they were too pretty to toss. I tried a layer of birds on top of them too:



March 11, 2013

I’m excited to be a part of the second annual West Austin Studio Tour! This year’s tour will run two weekends, April 27th & 28th and May 4th and 5th. More details to come.


American Short Fiction Totes

March 8, 2013

ASPCO, the screen printing co-op I belong to, has been in the process of moving for the last month and a half. I’m really excited about the new space, it’s huge and in a great spot with lots of other cool business (including Hops & Grain, mmmmm.)

Sitting on my hands waiting has been the hardest part, so I was glad when my friend Rebecca asked me to print some tote bags for her literary magazine, American Short Fiction. Helping out a friend plus and excuse to get in the new studio? Done!  They turned out really well, thanks Rebecca and Adeena for coming down to the studio to help out!


Ready for spring?

March 6, 2013

It might be a little while longer before the wildflowers come out in earnest, but the spring tea towel line was ready for its close up a few weeks ago:

wildflower tea towels

wildflower tea towels

Like the chickens, these guys started out as watercolors.

texas paintbrush      primrose   poppies   bluebonnets

After the photo shoot they got bundled into press kits for wholesalers.


going to the birds

January 9, 2013

I spent the weekend working on some new designs for the spring tea towel line. I love all the different varieties of heirloom chickens; did you know Austin has the second highest urban chicken population in the US?

fluffy heirloom chicken

fluffy heirloom chicken

rooster in progress

rooster in progress

heady study; they really start to look like dinosaurs after a while

heady study; they really start to look like dinosaurs after a while



hen + chicks

hen + chicks

Coterie Market + Marfa

January 7, 2013

Kimball Prints is taking the leap into the retail realm! Kimball Prints succulent tea towels are now available thru Coterie Market. Coterie Market is an online marketplace that lets you pick a wide variety of items from local artisans and delivers them to your door. How fabulous is that?!

If you’re out in Marfa, Texas swing by Stuff or Main Street Marfa Gift Shop, they’re now stocking succulent tea towels and a variety laser cut ornaments.

succulent plant tea towels

new succulent plant tea towelsmarfa_1

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